Shop Guide + FAQ

Updated on 1/7/2022

Most Asked:

Q: Latest Turn Around Time?

A:  For NON-Ready to Ship items, the turn around time is 7-15 business days. Current TAT as of today is at 7 days (That’s the AVERAGE for the last 30 days, and for 400+ Orders).

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Via email, or use Contact Form.
Q: How do I get it like the picture?
A: Below the customization drop downs, the description lists the style and color in the first sentence. Each drop down populates once the size is selected.
Q: Do you have a sizing guide? 
A: We are unisex, unless stated and True To Size. We carry the following brands: Bella Canvas, Gildan, CC (Comfort Colors), Jerezes.
For KIDS & YOUTH we carry some mentioned above, but also Rabbit Skins & Laughing Giraffe. Occasionally Gerber. We are currently still breaking that down per color and size group. 
If sizing is a concern please use contact form above.
Q: Can you do customs?
A: Yes, please contact us via email first so we can make sure it is possible. When you do, please mention size, colors and include any examples you may have!
Q: Where can we interact?
A: We have multiple platforms! Here’s our social media’s!
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes, we currently offer Sezzle, Shop Pay, & Zip Pay (Formerly Quad Pay). Amazon and Pay Pal check out is available which offer their own options, including Klarna.

Product Related Questions:

Q: Sizes?
A: Infant to Adult 5XL, not all colors and styles are available in each size.
Q: What is this color?
A: Most products have the color listed in the description.
A2: If you are asking about a color in the drop down, but its not in the description or in additional product photos. Click Here then search the name of that color. It should bring up examples.
Q: How do I add on splatter paint or distressing?
A: This link here includes all of our add ons and even distressing options.
Q: What is a sweatshirt?
A: It is comparable to what some call a Crewneck, or a sweater shirt.